Articles by Peter Sabaini

  1. Requests debugging

    TIL that the Python requests library is able to dump request/response details to the debug log - quite useful for development and debugging of http clients.

    Switch it on with something like this:

    import requests
    import logging
    try: # for Python 3
        from http.client import HTTPConnection
    except ImportError:
        from httplib ...
  2. Neutronic Security

    Or: digging into Openstack Neutrons' packet filtering bowels

    The other day I had to track down weird behaviour with Neutron security groups in one of our clouds, and thought to share notes on debugging those and on Neutron networking in general 1.

    Compute node neutronics

    Recall that on a compute ...

  3. Ceph Cheatsheet

    I love Ceph to pieces! I don’t love it’s docs that much though, and I find the multi-level subcommands unintuitive at times. Quick, is it "ceph pg query x.y" or "ceph pg x.y query"? There’s some good docs out there, but to me they feel ...