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  1. "I have done this, it was not awesome"

    By peter

    Hilarious presentation about failure and morals. Having been part (in a sometimes, ahem, active role) in some spectacular screwups, I can relate a LOT.

    Watch this now, and after the next screwup at your organization, watch it again.

    Besides being really funny, I like that presentation for a number of …

  2. Mocking Flask

    By peter

    I've come to appreciate Flasks' ease-of-use more and more. For example, when developing clients that connect to some HTTP/RESTful backend there's always a decision to be made on how to test the client. Some options are:

    1. Test against PROD. Avoid, unless you really want to be that guy
    2. Prepare …
  3. docopt: Declarative option parsing

    By peter

    Nice little library for declarative CLI parsing in Python:docopt.

    At work we use Python quite a bit, but often it’s not the huge softwarepackages but little scripts and tools that are most used. Standardlibraries like argparse provide a lot of functionality, but still Ifound using it a little …

  4. The Cubox Has Landed

    By peter

    Finally (and thanks to some nice people in Graz who resent a misaddressed package -- thanks guys!) my Cubox has arrived! It really is a cute little box:


    The Cubox is a nice little ARM-based computer, capable of running Linux and decoding HD content. It sports HDMI and SPDIF outputs, and …

  5. Evernote?

    By peter

    I'm a great fan of taking notes. I've collected notes for years, mainly on technical topics. The main goal was to prevent the "I know how to do this, I've done it before -- but how did I do it?" phenomenon -- ie. to collect a log of solutions to technical problems …

  6. Disk half empty, but no space left

    By peter

    Had a “huh?” moment today: a copying job erroring out with the message“no space left on device”, even though there were plenty of free blockson said disk device. What the copy process wanted to tell me of coursewas that it ran out of inodes,not free blocks.

    I was …

  7. Easy Bash Completion

    By peter

    I’m a lazy/impatient typist and therefore a big fan of shell completion.There’s a lot of good completion support for common programs, but whatif I want to have shell completion for a custom program or shellfunction? A quick and easy way is to bind one of the …

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