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  1. Puppet & Ruby

    By peter

    So I spent the last week in Amsterdam for training. Amsterdam is a great city, so it's unfortunate that I didn't have all that much time for exploration. Luckily I at least managed a small trip to the Rijksmuseum; while most of the museum is closed for restoration, they have …

  2. Learning Go

    By peter
    That is, Go the programming language, not the board game.


    I've tremendously enjoyed learning Erlang some time back, and I've
    realized that besides the value the Erlang/OTP platform itself
    provided, learning a new computer programming language has all sorts
    of benefits in itself. So, I've since been more curious …
  3. Sample and Hold

    By peter

    From Neil Youngs superb and very underappreciated "Trans" album, 1982. I think I liked the album partly because it annoyed the folk lovers I grew up with ;-)

    Oh, I just see a contemporary review -- the Rolling Stone praised the album highly at the time. Well, maybe not so underappreciated after …

  4. Zugerberg

    By peter

    Went up Zugerberg yesterday. Was completely destroyed at the top but got rewarded with some gorgeous views!

    I went counterclockwise, ie. up via Widishof and Juchenegg, down via Schindellegi, Berghof and Blasenberg. Next time I'll try it the other way round though; I think it might be less steep and …

  5. Erlang Ghetto

    By peter

    I don't use Erlang much these days (can't use it at my job, not much free time for my own projects), but I follow Erlang mailing lists and blogs pretty closely. The people there are as a rule much smarter than me, so I can only benefit :-) Tony Arcieri, the …

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