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  1. Biking round Lake Zug

    By peter

    So the nice people from the moving company this friday brought -- among many other useful things, such as furniture and crockery -- my bicycle. They almost didn't make it across the border, because the customs officer there (which is pretty unusual, the moving company man told me) suddenly decided the customs …

  2. Climbing Mt Rigi

    By peter

    Well, not actually climbing, rather taking the cog railway two-thirds up the mountain and walking about half an hour up to the peak. It's a great trip though. I rode the railway from Zug along the lake to Arth-Goldau, and changed into the cog railway. Very beautiful, and if you …

  3. Handy I/O Monitoring

    By peter


    Nice little tool someone mentioned at work today: iotop. Iotop shows disk read/write and swapin per process. Very handy if you suspect I/O problems but need to pinpoint the application thats hogging bandwidth! While RAM and CPU get cheaper and cheaper, good I/O subsystems have their price …

  4. Sometimes Useful

    By peter

    Today was the first day I felt like I slowly step out of training at my new employers and start being marginally useful. Pretty great feeling :-)


    (gratuitous lake pic)

  5. Evening At The Lake

    By peter

    I ♥ water, and the Zugersee is very nice in the evening. Hope the water gets warm enough in summer to swim. Plus, I'm dreaming of having a small boat I can row out unto the lake sometime :-)


  6. Some Unspectacular Zug Pics

    By peter

    Some photos from my appartment, along the way to work, and the entrance to the office in Zug. The weather is so-so, but the cities' quite nice.


  7. More dynamic Python imports

    By peter

    I like the idea of this — make Python imports more dynamic through anexplicit mapper, as implemented byExocet

    I’ve implemented plugin systems previously myself, and it’s not thathard in Python, but with Exocet its much cleaner (and with morefeatures) than what I did.

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