1. Clojure: Scale those scalars

    By peter

    Now for some more details on fundamental data types. The fourth chapter of "The Joy of Clojure" 2nd ed. deals with some scalar data type topics. I'll cover integer overflow, keywords, symbols, metadata, regular expressions, and others.

    Overflow and Promotion

    By default, we get Longs:

    user> (def regular 23)
    #'user …
  2. This Clojure Firehose

    By peter

    Previously, I've been starting my foray into Clojure-land with some pretty basic stuff, an intro to some datastructures. Now I'm going into more interesting territory: functions, namespaces, blocks & scope.

    Functions make the Lisp go round

    Functions Anonymous

    Defining anonymous functions is done with this 'special form' ie. builtin primitive:

    user …
  3. This Clojure Thing

    By peter

    I like languages. I don't have much of an ear for natural languages, but after some decades of playing around with computers I do know a little bit about programming languages. Once in a while I set out to learn a new one.

    So why learn Clojure? First, the learning …

  4. Btw., Todoist

    By peter

    I'm now happily using Todoist. The free version is somewhat limited (no task notes, no reminders), and paid is a bit pricey (US$ 29,- / year). But on the other hand, I've come to really appreciate some of its features, such as breaking up tasks into subtasks, further grouping in projects …

  5. Tasks, lists, eye candy

    By peter

    I'm a bit embarrased. This is the first time I'll abandon a piece of software I've been a long-time user of, mostly on usability and design reasons -- so shallow.

    I love lists, and I'm pretty forgetful. At times I'm so immersed in a job that its virtually impossible for me …

  6. "I have done this, it was not awesome"

    By peter

    Hilarious presentation about failure and morals. Having been part (in a sometimes, ahem, active role) in some spectacular screwups, I can relate a LOT.

    Watch this now, and after the next screwup at your organization, watch it again.

    Besides being really funny, I like that presentation for a number of …

  7. Mocking Flask

    By peter

    I've come to appreciate Flasks' ease-of-use more and more. For example, when developing clients that connect to some HTTP/RESTful backend there's always a decision to be made on how to test the client. Some options are:

    1. Test against PROD. Avoid, unless you really want to be that guy
    2. Prepare …
  8. docopt: Declarative option parsing

    By peter

    Nice little library for declarative CLI parsing in Python:docopt.

    At work we use Python quite a bit, but often it’s not the huge softwarepackages but little scripts and tools that are most used. Standardlibraries like argparse provide a lot of functionality, but still Ifound using it a little …

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